Hawgs Wheels comes from Landyachtz and are made in the USA. The know-how that the Landyachtz guys put in to there boards and trucks are also in there wheels.
Hawgs stands for quality and innovation. From 82a smooth and 58mm big skateboardwheel (Streethawgs) to sideset slidewheels (Zombies) to centreset freeride wheels (KM-FSU) to speed and grip wheels (MiniMonster & Biggie Hawgs).
Hawgs wheels fit perfect to every situation that you have to handle in the streets or the hills.
The fluent gratient from speed to slide and back is remarkable for modern freeride and this what you get with Hawg Wheels without any compromises.
Wether slide-, cruise-, race-, grip- or freeridewheel Hawgs offer it.