A Brief History and Philosophy Summary

Longboarding and especially downhillskateboarding used to be very small and unpopular 10 years ago, when the Layback Distribution was founded. Hardly anybody knew about the sport and it's core brands in Germany. The sports story and it's ideas had to be told and there was lots of stoke to spread - hard work and a lot of time on the road for a distributor.

Landyachtz was the first brand to be part of Layback, besides Hackbrett of course, which was founded around the same time as the distribution.

The market started to grow over the years, so did the distribution's first brand and the distribution itself. New brands and new staff were added up to Layback Dist's lineup.

Crail Trucks is one example. Crail comes from Brazil and originates in Street skating. They were some of the first to develope a reversed kingpin longboard truck . After a good 5 years of coorperation the result is a solid name in the European longboard scene. A speciality is that Layback's & Hackbrett's founder even developed a new truck with them and has his factory own signature model as a rider by now.

Due to Layback Distributions sustainable growth, todays result is a solid stock of high quality brands and a crew that's deeply anchored in the longboarding scene. A real business run by real skaters inspired by German thinking. Germanies whole industry is described by the word quality - In our case that refers to highest quality in terms of the products we distribute, service we offer and the true knowledge we have about the products we represent - we shred the s*it out of our skateboards! Furthermore we offer a high availability by always keeping good stock.

We understand ourselves as ambassadors for the brands we represent with the main goal to gain a good hold in whatever European market we're working on. By for example finding the right teamriders for them, sponsoring events or sponsoring riders over the distribution or by being the brand's trustful face at a trade show. We adapt and use the corporate identy our brands have established and use them as our guidelines and working basis.

Focusing on long-term business contacts, we see ourselves as a distributor in the true meaning of the word. We want our customers to grow so that we can grow with them. By that fact we only work exclusively. We're not chasing fast money with cheap products on hyped markets - we only want, only have and only will have the "good" stuff.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or our brands.

Until then: Skate Fast!

Your Layback Distribution Team